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I've been automatically enrolled

Opting out

If you’ve been automatically enrolled but you decide you don’t want to start saving for retirement just yet, you can opt out of the Scheme.

Getting a refund

If you opt out within one month of receiving your Notification Letter from Legal & General, then you will receive a refund of any contributions that have been taken from your pay and you will be treated as if you had never joined the AE Scheme in the first place.

After that first month you can still opt out of the Scheme, but any contributions already made (including your employer’s) will remain invested until you retire or transfer them to another qualifying pension scheme.

Opting out

The Notification Letter from Legal & General tells you about the opt-out process, if you leave within the first month.

If you want to leave the AE Scheme after your first month of membership, you’ll need to complete the Request to Leave AE Scheme Form on our website.

Opting back in

You can opt back into the AE Scheme at any time, or join the main Boots Retirement Savings Plan (BRSP) if you prefer.

Being re-enrolled

If you opt out, please be aware that your employer will re-enrol you into the AE Scheme in approximately three years’ time, if you still meet the age and salary criteria for automatic enrolment. If this happens, but you decide you still don’t want to join the Scheme, you will be able to opt out again at that point.

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Scheme Guide

Scheme Guide

Boots Retirement Savings Plan

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