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The contributions that you and your employer pay into the AE Scheme are invested, with the aim of building up the value of your retirement savings.

Your options

When you become a member of the BRSP or AE Scheme your contributions will automatically be invested in the L&G Default Fund. This is a multi-asset fund which aims to provide long-term growth by spreading investment risk across different assets. It may not be suitable for everyone, as you might want to invest differently depending on your age and personal circumstances, so remember you can always change the fund or funds you are invested in by visiting Manage Your Account on the L&G website. A good place to start would be by working out your attitude to risk. L&G have produced a useful guide called Your Risk Meter or you could use one of their online tools, which you can access from this page.

Default Fund

The full name of the Default Fund is the Legal & General (PMC) Multi-Asset Fund 3. By spreading investment risk across a number of asset types, the fund is less likely to experience sharp changes in value in the short term compared to a fund that, for instance, only invests in equities (company shares). However, this approach also means that the fund may not perform as strongly as an equity-based fund when market conditions are good. You can find more details in the L&G Multi-Asset Fund Factsheet.

It’s best suited to people who are prepared to leave their retirement savings invested for at least five years. As with any investment you should monitor it regularly, particularly as you approach retirement. You can select the best strategy for your retirement savings by visiting Manage Your Account.

Find out more

L&G offers a lot more information about investing your retirement savings.

Visit their Fund Zone for further details.

If you would like to switch the fund or funds your retirement savings are invested in, you will need to complete the L&G ‘Changing Your Investments Form’, which is available here.

If you would like specific advice according to your personal needs and circumstances, we would recommend you speak to an independent financial adviser (IFA). You can find one local to your area by visiting the Unbiased website.

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Scheme Guide

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