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I'm in the Boots Retirement Savings Plan

Did you know that you can choose how your retirement savings are invested?

Did you know that you can choose how your retirement savings are invested?

These are the results from the Poll:

  • I’m happy for my money to remain in the Default Fund: 12.57% of 191 votes
  • I don’t know enough about investments: 60.21% of 191 votes
  • I didn’t know I could choose my own investments: 27.23% of 191 votes

Default Fund
When you become a member of the AHBRSP or AE Scheme your contributions are automatically invested in the L&G Default Fund. It aims to spread risk by investing in different assets, such as company shares, property, bonds and cash. The idea is that even if one investment performs badly, another might do better, which can help to smooth out the ups and downs over time.

Is the Default Fund right for you?
You may decide to invest differently depending on your age and personal circumstances. For instance, as you get closer to retirement, you might want to start thinking about how you’re going to use your retirement savings and change your investments accordingly. Instead of investing in the Default Fund, one of L&G’s ‘lifestyle profiles’ might be more appropriate.

A lifestyle profile automatically moves your retirement savings into different funds, depending on what you want to do with the money. If you want to use it to buy an annuity, you might select the ‘Annuity Lifestyle Profile’ or if you plan to take your savings as cash, then you might prefer the ‘Cash Lifestyle Profile’.

You can find out more on the L&G website or by logging into Manage Your Account.

Why age matters
If you choose a lifestyle profile, it’s important to let L&G know at what age you plan to take your retirement savings. A lifestyle profile switches your investments automatically, based on how many years you have left until your selected retirement age. If you tell L&G you want to retire at 65, but really you’re going to retire at 68, then your account might not be invested in the right funds for your plans. Changing your selected retirement age is easy – just log into Manage Your Account.

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